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Inflatable Lounger Chair Beach Picnic Air Sofa Bed

Inflatable Lounger Chair Beach Picnic Air Sofa Bed

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With the Lucky Tree Inflatable Lounger,you can enjoy the great outdoors anywhere.The Air Hammock sets up in less than one minute.It may take a little practice to get going the first few times, but we've included an easy-to-follow illustrated instruction guide to help you get the hang of it.We've also added premium features unique to our air loungers, such as elastic side pockets, carrying bag and higher quality fabric than you'll find on alternatives. And because it’s made of premium waterproof material and functions like a compression sack dry bag, you can float the river or the pool in style and comfort.Whether you're hiking the Appalachian Trail or surfing the North Shore,the Lucky Tree Inflatable Air Hammock is the perfect piece of gear for every adventure.

Set-Up Instructions:
1.Open one of the two pockets for inflating.
2.Move forward and swing the bag to let air in, repeat this step until the bag is well filled.
3.Close the pocket and push two bracket bars together to seal the pocket once enough air has been collected. Then roll the bars up for 5-6 times until air in the pocket is compressed and snug tight.

Coat material: 100% polyester
Inner biliary material: 100% PE
Pack size: 12.6 x 7.9 x 10.6 inches
Product size: 47.6 x 34.6 x 35.8 inches
Color: army green, navy, red

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