Parking Garage Playset for Toddler Car Garage for Boys (M-Size)

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Size: M-size

Construct your dream toy, it can primarily boost your child's spatial awareness, fine motor skills, cognitive reasoning and mathematics ability at such an early age that it would help him/her in the long run of life. The run-and-chase cop theme with its slightly tricky construction exercise will make your child giggly and super thrilled, bringing a positive result in behavior. Bright, rich and vibrancy of color is an aimed strategy to affect the growing minds and entice the kid with various toy-parts as bridges, tunnels and stations, therefore engrossing children instantaneously in a game that is productive in all aspects. The toy is set to provide a joyful playtime to the parents and kids alike, allocating a special time to spend as a family, productively. Garage sets are available in brilliant-colored pieces which is quite a spread to keep your child merrily occupied.

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